Reserve A Meeting Room - Main Library

Booking an Event

The Main Library has two meeting rooms available.  The small meeting room will accommodate 12 people.  The large meeting room will accommodate up to 100 people and has an attached kitchen.   If you would like to book a room or you have more questions about our rooms and equipment please call Laura Rossignol at (860)285-1913.  Meeting Rooms are free to Windsor residents and non-profits, during normal hours.  Rates for profit use, non-profits from outside Windsor (no Windsor resident as a member), and after-hours are as follows:

Meeting Room 1 $30/hour.
Meeting Room 2 $15/hour.

Meeting Room 1 (100 People)





Meeting Room 2 (12 People)








            The Windsor Public Library has meeting rooms available for public use.  While first priority is given to events conducted or sponsored by the library or the Town, Windsor community groups or groups with Windsor members may also use the rooms.

            Only noncommercial tax-exempt, religious, civic, or governmental groups may use the rooms free of charge.  Commercial groups or non-Windsor residents/groups may rent meeting rooms for an hourly or daily rate, which will be set by the Windsor Town Council.  Rooms will be made available on an equitable basis.  If a group is refused permission to use one of the rooms, it may appeal first to the Library Director and then to the Library Advisory Board.  Use of the room by a group in no way means the library or Town endorses the particular beliefs or purposes of that group.

            Private receptions may be booked for a fee at the discretion of the Library Director and the Library Advisory Board at an hourly or daily rate set by the Town Council.

            Fund raising activities of nonprofit groups will be permitted at the discretion of the Library Director and the Library Advisory Board.  Such activities will be restricted to designated areas of the building, and will not be permitted in the lobby or spaces where they would interfere with the daily conduct of library business.

            Groups are limited to reserving a room four times a year in order to maintain accessibility.  Exceptions may be made only with the permission of the Library Director and Library Advisory Board.

             In order to reserve a room, a representative of the group, age 18 or older must fill out and sign a meeting room application form.  The group must comply with the rules stated on the form.