Unique Materials

Think the library is full of only books? Think again!

Now Lending: Music Tools

Bike Locks

Locks are available for checkout at the front desk for riders who forget their own and want to secure their bicycles outside our library. Combination comes with the lock.

Book Buddies Kits

Read along with some of your favorite characters! Our Kidspace Department has Book Buddy Kits so you can take home both a book and a stuffed animal that goes along with the story. There are over 50 options. For more information about this material, call Kidspace at 860-285-1914.

Canvas Tote Bags

Did you check out too many materials to carry out? Have no fear. Tote bags are here. You can check one out for 3 weeks (the same borrow time as most of our materials) and they are renewable. Available at the circulation desk.

Auxiliary Cords

Auxiliary cords are used for playing MP3 players in a car* – perfect for taking a Playaway on the road. Plug one end of the the cord into player headphone jack and the other end into the auxiliary port in your car. Then enjoy the ride

*Please note: auxiliary ports are not available in all cars.

Garmin Nüvi GPS 

Kit comes with 1 GPS receiver; 1 zippered, Case-Logic bag; 1 vehicle suction cup mount; 1 vehicle power cable; 1 quick start manual; 1 accessory guide.

Kill a Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

Consumers can monitor and project energy costs and find out what electric devices cost to operate. The Kill a watt electricity usage monitor assesses the efficiency of home appliances; provides the ability to determine electrical expense by the day, week, month or year; and can be used to evaluate the quality of the electrical power from a utility company by monitoring voltage, line frequency, and power factor.

Kindle Paperwhite

The all new Kindle Paperwhite is purposely designed as a dedicated e-reader. Indulge your love of reading without interruptions like email alerts. Unlike reflective tablet and smartphone screens, the latest Kindle Paperwhite reads like paper—no annoying glare, even in bright sunlight. Kindle Paperwhite guides light toward the surface of the display with its next-gen front light—unlike back-lit tablets that shine in your eyes—so you can read comfortably without eyestrain. Adjust your screen’s brightness for great reading in any light. Battery lasts weeks, not hours. Please note: these Kindles are available to check-out for demonstration purposes only.

Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD

System specifications: 7-inch high-definition multi-touch display, 1280 x 800 pixel resolution; 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor with Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core; front-facing HD camera; 16GB on device with free cloud storage for all Amazon content; Dolby audio with dual-driver stereo speakers; built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; USB 2.0 (micro-B connector) port, micro-HDMI (micro-D connector) port, 3.5 mm stereo jack; built-in microphone; battery lasts up to 11 hrs. Please note: these Kindles are available to check-out for demonstration purposes only.

LeapFrog Reader

Help your child learn to read and write with LeapReader. Sound out words and practice reading sentences aloud, write letters and numbers with stroke-by-stroke guidance, and build listening comprehension with audio books and music. Works with more than 150+ educator-approved titles, including Tag™ books!*LeapReader is the complete learn-to-read-and-write solution that combines three essential literacy skills: reading, writing and listening. By practicing them together, children can practice the skills they need to help them become confident, independent readers. For more information about this material, call Kidspace at 860-285-1914.

On-The-Go Packs

We offer On-the-Go Packs to check out and take home, consisting of pre-selected materials including books, CDs, DVDs, and toys, directed towards specific age groups, i.e. children 0-12 months, or 3-5 years. The loan period for these packs is one week. For more information, contact Kidspace at 860-285-1914.

Parent/Child Information Packs

We also offer Parent/Child Information Packs which are collections of books specifically selected to deal with such topics as death, divorce, a new baby, and even toilet learning.   For more information, contact Kidspace at 860-285-1914.


And don’t forget about our video game collection!

Over 150 games are available for the following consoles:

Nintendo DS & 3DS

Nintendo Wii & WiiU

Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, & Playstation Vita

Xbox 360 & Xbox One



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