Switch to Libby

OverDrive is discontinuing the legacy OverDrive app in early 2023 and transitioning users to the Libby app. 

It’s time to give Libby a try! All your loans, holds, and wish list items will be waiting for you in Libby when you add your library card.

VITA Volunteers

Take Action as a VITA Volunteer! Join the United Way as a VITA volunteer this tax season and help families in our
region get the tax credits and refunds they’ve earned. By offering in-person or virtual tax preparation services at no cost, we’re helping families achieve financial stability. There will be a VITA location this tax season in Windsor. 

Your Next Great Read

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Kill-a-Watt Monitors

The Kill-a-Watt electricity usage monitor can track and project energy costs. Use it find out what electric devices cost to operate. It can show electrical expense by the day, week, month or year.

New Materials

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