The Windsor Public Library welcomes the opportunity to work with community volunteers and students in a variety of ways at our two locations. Volunteers help the library provide an enhanced level of service to citizens and visitors, while in turn providing much appreciated assistance to the library staff. Whether you have a few hours a week, a couple of hours a month, or even seasonal time to give, we’ve got something for you.

We are in need of volunteers of all ages with positions available in Kidspace, Teens, Adult, and the Wilson Branch. Volunteers should be self-motivated, dependable and above all, love the library! To find out more about possible positions or to fill out an application stop by the Main Library or Wilson Branch. You can also take a look at what we have to offer here and even print out an application.

Please note:

-The library does not accept court mandated community service assignments.

-All volunteers must be at least 12 years old unless under the supervision of an adult family member for all volunteer assignments.

Children's Department

spontaneous story time - usedPossible duties include:

• Assisting with the preparation of craft materials for Kids programs

• Assisting with the folding and/or cutting of Kidspace booklists and handouts

• Assisting with maintenance and minor repair of library materials

• Cleaning toys and books

• Bringing Kidspace puppets/stuffed animals home for washing, mending and TLC

• Photographing Kidspace events with library camera or iPad and obtain necessary releases from subjects

• Assist librarians in preparation for programs by helping set up/clean up and assisting in the supervision of the event

Teen Department

This is a special opportunity for volunteers ages 12—18 interested in working in the Teen DepartmentThose interested in this position should fill out the Youth Volunteer Application.

Possible duties:volunteers 2016

  • Assisting with preparation of booklists, handouts, and teen reviews
  • Shelving in the teen department
  • Assisting with special projects like displays, seasonal reading programs and decorations
Lending / Technical Services

volunteersPossible duties:

  • Assisting patrons with use of self-check machine
  • Assisting staff with miscellaneous clerical duties such as relabeling or discharging library items, processing new materials, mending damaged items, relabeling and other special projects
  • Use our special DVD/CD cleaner to ensure our collection is of the best quality
  • Assist staff with larger programs by helping set up/clean up, taking pictures/video, obtaining releases, being an extra set of hands during more active programs

housekeeping 2 - Thane and Rebecca -Feb 2017
Possible duties:

  • Dust and damp wipe shelves, keeping them clean and orderly
  • Clean books
  • Clean toys

Possible duties:shelf

  • “Adopt” an area of shelving
  • Ensure books are in proper numerical or alphabetical order and that they are tidy on the shelves
  • Check books for damage and repair needs
Green Thumb

Possible duties:

  • Help maintain library greenery by watering and clipping indoor plants and weeding outdoor plants


green thumb

Homebound Delivery

Possible duties:

  • Deliver materials to people who are physically unable to visit the library, including the elderly, the disabled, and those who are temporarily incapacitated by illness or accident

Homebound volunteers must have a valid driver’s license and their own vehicle.


The library has makerspace opportunities for volunteers:

Mezzanine Makerspace

Possible duties:

  • Supervising space during drop-in times
  • Learning the basics of and assisting others with the use of machines and equipment
  • Various library projects using maker materials

The Main Library and WINTV have joined together to provide residents with access to library programming right from their own homes.

Duties include:

  • Pick up WINTV equipment at LP Wilson Community Center before scheduled library program
  • Use A/V equipment to record library events
  • Return equipment to LP Community Center

This unique opportunity requires additional steps in order to come onboard:

  • Complete both a WINTV and Library Volunteer Application
  • Receive training from WINTV on their filming equipment (at your convenience)
  • Be able to pick up and return equipment between LP and the library for each program
  • May require night and weekend coverage

If you have any questions, feel free to contact 

Laura Pastula, Volunteer Coordinator.


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