Take-Home Sugar Skull Craft Kit

Celebrate Halloween & Dia de los Muertos with a spectacular sugar skull craft kit! Kits will be ready for pickup at the Reference Desk on Monday, October 26thand available through Saturday, October 31st. Supplies are limited, so please register in advance. Craft intended for pre-teens & teens in grades 6 -12. 


October 26, 2020
  • Sugar Skull Craft Kits

    October 26, 2020 @ 10:00 am - October 31, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

    Celebrate Halloween & Dia de los Muertos with a spectacular sugar skull craft kit! Kits will be ready for pickup at the Reference Desk on Monday, October 26thand available through Saturday, October 31st. Supplies are limited, so please register in advance. Craft intended for pre-teens& teens in grades 6 -12. FREE. For more information, call (860) 285-1918 or visit www.windsorlibrary.com/teens-2/.

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What We’re Reading

The Dazzling Heights

by Katherine McGee
3.5⭐ / 5

[SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT] Following the crazy drama that took part in the first book (knowing the identity and backstory of what happened prior to the mystery girl falling off the tallest and tech-savviest  building in New York circa the year 2118), The Dazzling Heights follows the developments after the mystery girl’s death. I had anticipated that it would be the girl’s best friend Mariel who would lead the dialogue in the second book since she had resolved to find out who killed her friend in the ending of the first book, but it wasn’t so. Like the first book, it was Leda, Watt, Avery, and Rylin that made up most of the dialogue revealing events in their perspective but with the addition of a new character. Nearing the last few pages, it seemed that many of the conflicts were begging to resolve nicely until one bigger conflict developed that would affect everyone who knew of the intimate details surrounding that fateful night up on the roof. In regards to how this conflict is going to be resolved and how these characters overcome the events in book two is what I hope the third and final book can accomplish.

Reviewed by Ingrid M. 

New Kid

 by Jerry Craft
5⭐ / 5

In the graphic novel New Kid by Jerry Craft, an African-American 7th grader named Jordan Banks goes to a very prestigious private school, even though he wanted to go to an art school. At the school, he finds that there are only a few kids of color in the school. Also, he finds that kids are calling him names other than his own and assuming that he plays sports, even though he does not. He makes friends with another African-American boy named Drew who shares the same problems. Jordan draws all of his problems in his sketchbook, but then he accidentally leaves it in a class where a teacher who had called Jordan different names taught. The teacher had mixed Jordan up with another African-American student, and viewed his drawings as a written attack on the school.

I learned from this book to not make assumptions about people based on the way they look. I could relate to this book because at the beginning of every school year, it is very awkward and can be very challenging. This book will also help me to be less stereotypical of African-Americans. I liked this book because it had a nice array of characters and it was an easy-to-follow book. After reading this book, I was able to reflect on myself and learn more about how others treat others, which will help me become more thoughtful in the way I act.

Reviewed by Nate S.

Shadow & Bone

by Leigh Bardugo
5⭐ / 5

Looking for a fun fantasy book to casually read? Shadow and Bone might be for you. This book follows Alina and her “childhood friend” Mal. Both grew up as orphans until they were of age to enlist (as required) . Prior to this, both are tested by Greisha to see if they hold any magical abilities to be considered a bit of an exception. The results come back negative and both go in as soldiers. To Alina, it seems that Mal has a better potential than her in the military as he is an accomplished military tracker while Alina sulks at her cartography skills. All of this changed when they went to venture past the Shadow Fold. There, Alina unleashed a new power at the onset of what seems to be endless attacks from Volcra (terrify, winged monsters) on their entire unit. Under attack, Alina felt “something inside [her] give way, in fury in hopelessness, in the certainty of [her] own death” (33). To discover what power Alina had that ripped her away from the mediocre life she had into a life of power entranced by magic and surrounded by enemies read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Reviewed by Ingrid M.

All American Boys

 Jason Reynolds and
Brendan Kiely
4.5 ⭐ / 5

The Story of All American Boys is about two kids, one white (Quinn) and one black (Rashad). Rashad gets beat up by Quinn’s best friend’s brother, Paul (who is a cop), based on an assumption that he was shoplifting. I relate to Quinn because he did not want to hurt anybody and I also admire the fact that he was willing to stand up and speak for Rashad. I relate to this because sometimes I do not want to hurt anybody’s feeling so I try to stay neutral.

This book also taught me to not make assumptions. I think this is because in the story Paul thought that Rashad was shoplifting, but he wasn’t. Rashad then ended ip in the hospital for a week or two when he did nothing wrong. This made me disappointed in the cop becasue he beat up an innocent middle schooler based on an assumption. This also teaches me to be less reactive because it will help me not make the same mistake of hurting people.

Another lesson I learned was that integrity is very important. I think this because in the book Quinn made good decisions and spoke out even though he was telling on his mentor and turning on his best friend. Even though he made the right decision, there were still consequences. This gives me extra motivation so I could have more integrity and stand up for what I believe in.

Reviewed by Nate S.

“Cherub – Mission 7: The Fall”
by, Robert Muchamore
Reviewed by Nate S.

The book, The Fall, was about teenage spies and their lives. In the beginning, it started out with a mission where the main character James is staying with two British intelligence officers in Russia. James’s mission was to befriend the son of a criminal and try to get evidence to convict him. Instead, the two officers went rogue and killed the criminal but both got killed in the process. The criminal’s guards knew that James was staying with two rogue agents so they set out to kill him. James got away with the help of an undercover agent who showed him video evidence that the two agents were going against their commands. He allows James to contact Cherub (Cherub is the organization that he works for) but leaves shortly after. James gets away but MI5 tries to shift the blame from the agents onto James. There is a big investigation and James does not have the video evidence and he cannot see any of the other evidence. James decides to see the evidence that Cherub has and he sees that they have the video evidence so he decides to find the person in charge and see what he is up to. He then finds out that this is part of a bigger plot and the person in charge of Cherubs investigation (Ewart) is collecting more evidence so he could put the case beyond doubt. Instead, the criminals find out and try to thwart his plan but James comes to the rescue and saves Ewart. While James was doing this Lauren was on a mission to bring down a human trafficking place. She befriends a girl who had been trafficked and then escaped but then she gets captured again and Lauren gets captured along with her. Lauren makes a big escape and the cops raid the place. When Lauren gets back she figures out that some kids had tried to do something against Cherub’s rules and got caught so everyone in Lauren’s age group had to do a punishment. In the punishment, they had to run a long-distance run with heavy packs then rest and go on another one. Lauren snuck out to be with her boyfriend but instead, one of the counselors was drunk and had a heart attack. They called an ambulance and saved him. When he got back Lauren was going tell the Cherub Chairman that he was drunk but the counselor threatens Laurens dog’s life. Lauren decided to tell on him but he went to find the dog and Lauren and her friend managed to fend him off and get back up. I liked the book because it had tons of action. I say this because they fit in a couple of missions at the same time. Also, they had other hidden mysteries popping out. I also liked how they had lots of action inside the campus. For example, they added more description and added more action inside the campus.

Books VS Movies 

Reviewed by Sirena R.

After is a book by Anna Todd. She first wrote the book on a story sharing website called Wattpad. Her book eventually got noticed by a producer which gave her the money to write the book and produce and movie with her. By the time her books were noticed she had written them years ago. So when she began to make the movies she had become a different person and wanted to make the movie different from the book because styles had changed. Some things that changed were the character Tristin in the book was a boy and was dating Stef but because of the new times they changed her to a female to make Stef Lesbian, to show awareness. The movie also changes the character Zed. In the book Zed Is in love with Tessa and causes problems for Hardin and Tessa. But in the movie Zed’s character isn’t much talked about, he’s there but not really known. In the movie the ending was you find out that Tessa and Hardin’s whole relationship was a dare to make her fall in love with him, but in the book it was much worse. The dare was for Hardin to take Tessa’s virginity, and when she finds out it makes it so much harder for her to forgive him which causes future problems. But all of that is skipped in the movie most likely due to time constraint. In the book Tessa and her mom get into a fight about being with Hardin and she slaps her. In the movie they just yell and her mom cuts off her college tuition, and at the end of the movie her and her mom make up. This contradicts the book because Tessa and her mom don’t even make up in the second book. In the movie when her mother cuts her off Hardin offers that they can stay at a friend of his dad’s that is going to be for the year. But in the book when she cuts her off they buy an apartment together which leaves Tessa stuck with nowhere to go when they break up. In the movie they don’t get deep enough into Hardin’s family problems and his character development. In the book Hardin has dreams about these men beating up his mom from when he was younger. And he would have them every night except for when Tessa was there. In the movie they talk about her getting beat up but they don’t make Hardin seem as broken as he should be. The biggest difference is the endings. The book ends when she finds out and runs out of the restaurant. In the movie she runs out of the restaurant then goes back home to her high school ex and mom and makes up with them. Then she continues to go to school until she sees Hardin and the movie ends with them looking at each other. There are many differences between movies and books, but setting them out and looking at them makes you realize all the treasures in books that the movie misses.

“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”
Reviewed by Ava P.

Shouldn’t the characters look exactly how they are being described in the book? I guess that’s not what the producers of the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief thought. First of all, in the book, Annabeth has curly blonde hair and calculating gray eyes. But in the film, Annabeth, one of the main characters, has straight brown hair and blue eyes. Very wrong.

Along with Annabeth, even Percy Jackson does not portray the character in the book. Instead of the sea-green eyes, which were an essential part of his role, the actor had blue eyes. It might not seem too off for all you movie watchers, but it had the reader disgusted. I only watched the movie to critique every single little thing the directors did wrong In fact, the whole PLOT is based around what was, in fact, a small part in the book. Grover, Annabeth, and Percy’s big quest were indeed to find Zeus’s lightning bolt, the movie circulated more around finding the three pearls to get to the Underworld. The finding-lightening-bolt part is all rushed together. In the book, Annabeth and Percy are both 12 years old, and the prophecy comes true at 16. But in the movie, both of them are 16, and the prediction comes true at 20. What an age difference!

In the movie, Clarisse is not mentioned at all until the second movie as a secondary character. In the stories, Clarisse is the bully at Camp Half-Blood. She appears in all of the books. The cabins are misplaced in the book, all over the woods at Camp Half-Blood. In the books, the cabins are each placed in a specific spot—a U shape. The last thing is that Percy has an iPod touch when in the book, no demigod has device because they attract monsters.

There are most, but it would take awhile to write them all out. In my opinion, this is one of the worst movie-to-book adaptations ever.

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