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The Perfect Secret By Rob Buyea

Reviewed By Nate S.

4 Stars
The book The Perfect Secret is the second book after The Perfect Score. At the end of The Perfect Score, the kids find out that their teachers are related but they do not talk to each other. In this book, they try to repair their relationship but along the way, more secrets come spilling out. The book is about seventh-grade students who all go to the same school and after-school program and they work together to solve different problems. In their efforts to solve problems they sometimes cause problems such as accidentally filling their coaches’ sons helmet with Stickum which is basically glue. This sets off a chain of events which snowballs into a really big problem that they work together to solve. You should read this book because it has a lot of ups and downs and has a great ending. It is also a funny heart-warming book.

The Dazzling Heights

by Katherine McGee
3.5⭐ / 5

[SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT] Following the crazy drama that took part in the first book (knowing the identity and backstory of what happened prior to the mystery girl falling off the tallest and tech-savviest  building in New York circa the year 2118), The Dazzling Heights follows the developments after the mystery girl’s death. I had anticipated that it would be the girl’s best friend Mariel who would lead the dialogue in the second book since she had resolved to find out who killed her friend in the ending of the first book, but it wasn’t so. Like the first book, it was Leda, Watt, Avery, and Rylin that made up most of the dialogue revealing events in their perspective but with the addition of a new character. Nearing the last few pages, it seemed that many of the conflicts were begging to resolve nicely until one bigger conflict developed that would affect everyone who knew of the intimate details surrounding that fateful night up on the roof. In regards to how this conflict is going to be resolved and how these characters overcome the events in book two is what I hope the third and final book can accomplish.

Reviewed by Ingrid M. 

 by Rob Buyea
4⭐ / 5

In the book the Perfect Star, five middle school kids go through tough challenges that threaten their relationship as well as challenges that might change their lives. The characters include Natalie, a kid who aspires to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a lawyer; Gavin, a football star that goes through some really tough challenges in this book; Scott, a boy who is very hyper and is also very caring; Trevor, a kid who finally got the guts to ask Natalie to be his girlfriend but in the process ignores his best friend Mark; and lastly, Randi the gymnastics superstar, who has a horrific injury right when she is starting to take stride. One challenge that they faced in this book was that Trevor was struggling to find the balance between keeping his friendship with Mark and caring for Natalie. In this book, you will be on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book, and you may even be in tears at the end of this very emotional story. This is a really good book, because in the series it has just about everything that could happen in a middle school and it also has some very good heartwarming moments as well. This book also provides lots of life lessons and makes you feel like you are in the character’s shoes. 

Shadow & Bone

by Leigh Bardugo
5⭐ / 5

Looking for a fun fantasy book to casually read? Shadow and Bone might be for you. This book follows Alina and her “childhood friend” Mal. Both grew up as orphans until they were of age to enlist (as required) . Prior to this, both are tested by Greisha to see if they hold any magical abilities to be considered a bit of an exception. The results come back negative and both go in as soldiers. To Alina, it seems that Mal has a better potential than her in the military as he is an accomplished military tracker while Alina sulks at her cartography skills. All of this changed when they went to venture past the Shadow Fold. There, Alina unleashed a new power at the onset of what seems to be endless attacks from Volcra (terrify, winged monsters) on their entire unit. Under attack, Alina felt “something inside [her] give way, in fury in hopelessness, in the certainty of [her] own death” (33). To discover what power Alina had that ripped her away from the mediocre life she had into a life of power entranced by magic and surrounded by enemies read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Reviewed by Ingrid M.

All American Boys

 Jason Reynolds and
Brendan Kiely
4.5 ⭐ / 5

The Story of All American Boys is about two kids, one white (Quinn) and one black (Rashad). Rashad gets beat up by Quinn’s best friend’s brother, Paul (who is a cop), based on an assumption that he was shoplifting. I relate to Quinn because he did not want to hurt anybody and I also admire the fact that he was willing to stand up and speak for Rashad. I relate to this because sometimes I do not want to hurt anybody’s feeling so I try to stay neutral.

This book also taught me to not make assumptions. I think this is because in the story Paul thought that Rashad was shoplifting, but he wasn’t. Rashad then ended ip in the hospital for a week or two when he did nothing wrong. This made me disappointed in the cop becasue he beat up an innocent middle schooler based on an assumption. This also teaches me to be less reactive because it will help me not make the same mistake of hurting people.

Another lesson I learned was that integrity is very important. I think this because in the book Quinn made good decisions and spoke out even though he was telling on his mentor and turning on his best friend. Even though he made the right decision, there were still consequences. This gives me extra motivation so I could have more integrity and stand up for what I believe in.

Reviewed by Nate S.

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